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Anup Thakkar

Mr. Thakkar is the founder of Ledger Financials whose broad range of leadership experience in complex multi-national entertainment companies has yielded a unique profile and expertise in the accounting, finance and taxation areas. Prior to forming Ledger Financial, Mr. Thakkar worked in the Banking & Entertainment industry for more than 25 years for companies such as Pantelion LLC, Lionsgate Entertainment, FilmBanker International, MGM Studios , Universal Studios and Fleet Bank His background as Controller and Director of Finance highlighted his management skills of more than a $100 million portfolio experience in designing specific accounting needs that included the strategizing the application of assets and investments in US, Asia, Pacific and Latin America markets, where he built business plans and implemented US GAAP (US General Accounting Acceptance Practice) accounting laws.


Mr. Thakkar provides the leadership that ensures that Ledger Financial provides the clients and key stakeholders with timely, relevant, and transparent financial reporting.


Mr. Thakkar focuses on business development, firm strategy and execution, and provides seamless, consistent, high-quality client service that typically exceeds the client’s expectation.


On a personal note, Mr. Thakkar holds an MBA and resides in Thousand Oaks, California and is married and has one daughter. He enjoys spending time hiking, biking, golfing, music and movies.