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Data entry activities must frequently be expedited because the recorded data is required for critical business operations – for example, preparing invoices and updating databases. The process of entering data is also time-consuming, requires attention to detail – often preventing key employees from accomplishing high-priority assignments. Even when all data entry tasks are localized, the process is typically labor-intensive and costly. To help businesses meet these challenges, LEDGER FINANCIALS INC provides customized data entry services.


To improve the entire data entry process, you can outsource all tasks to the professional team of data entry specialists at LEDGER FINANCIALS INC. Our dedicated and experienced data management team makes it possible for you to reduce labor costs and improve turnaround times.


Today’s increasingly competitive business environment is compelling businesses to find new ways to make their processes more efficient. Profits, promotions, and cut-throat competition in the market keeps every business on its toes. Non-core activities taking substantial amount of the time making it difficult for the companies to concentrate on their core business functions.


So, the best option is to outsource database data entry services to an experienced third-party service provider like LEDGER FINANCIALS INC. By outsourcing database data entry services to us, you can spend your valuable time on your core business functions while we handle your data entry work in the most efficient manner.


Data Entry Services We Offer


We have been providing data entry services for over five years now and hence have the required expertise to handle any kind of database data entry requirements. We have a highly experienced and skilled team to cater to data entry in the most efficient manner and in a quick time.


Some of The Services we provide:

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

For insurance agencies, processing and issuing a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE (COI) has traditionally been a time-consuming, repetitive and rigid process. Every year, millions of insurance certificates are issued in the US, the processing of which requires a tedious verification of the policyholders’ details, types and limits of insurance coverage etc. This, therefore, leads to increased strain on an insurance agency’s back office and customer-facing processes.


As a recognized outsourcing provider LEDGER FINANCIALS INC has helped insurance agencies speed up their time-to-market and streamline resources while providing reliable, affordable and professional services. Our certificate of insurance processing methods enhances the speed and efficiency of generating and issuing insurance certificates, while continuously improving your customer service and satisfaction levels.

Our Services for Processing Insurance Certificates


Our teams of insurance back office experts perform all the tasks necessary for processing, validating and electronically disbursing certificates of insurance while ensuring compliance to industry guidelines. We have a specialized team to process ACORD certificates of insurance apart from other insurance certificates. We offer various other services for our clients, including:

  • Processing COI: Our insurance back office experts are proficient in receiving and processing insurance certificates quickly, accurately, and for a reasonable price.
  • Efficient third-party communication to process requests faster: Our insurance professionals are trained to effectively manage and follow-up on insurance certificate requests. With a strict attention to detail and by consistently following-up, we ensure a steady increase in your insurance compliance rates, reduced loss exposure and enhanced customer service levels.
  • Verifying compliance and identifying non-compliant matters: Properly managing and following-up on insurance compliance is resource intensive and time-consuming for an insurance agency. At LEDGER FINANCIALS INC, our insurance professionals not only have the appropriate knowledge, but are also extensively trained to handle high-volume work. By keeping a track of all policies which are in compliance, and regularly following up to identify those policies which have expired or are non-compliant, to ensure reduced risk of uninsured claims and breach of contract.
  • Renewal Requests and compliance reporting: Our insurance back office experts keep a track of all insurance policy renewal requests by leveraging your insurance certificate management database. In addition to keeping a track of each individual request, we also generate exhaustive compliance reports for the same.
  • Processing revised certificates after renewals: We ensure strict quality control and short turnaround times while processing revised insurance certificates; without any errors, repetitions, or omissions.

Advantages of Outsourcing Insurance Certificate Processing to Us

Certificate of Insurance processing and management can be a monotonous process. Any lapse in compliance or procedural inefficiency can lead to complications not only for your clients but for your company as well. With LEDGER FINANCIALS INC as your outsourcing partner, you are guaranteed a reliable service provider who not only has a deep understanding of global insurance norms and processes but can also provide you with a suitable edge over your competitors.


Following are the benefits you can reap by outsourcing certificate of liability insurance processing to LEDGER FINANCIALS INC.

  • Reduced turnaround times by using reliable data indexing procedures, and automating storage and delivery of insurance certificates
  • Reasonable Pricing for COI processing
  • Highly skilled insurance experts with extensive hands-on experience in the insurance domain
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction as a result of effective handling of COI requests
  • Distinct reporting mechanism to ensure clarity, control and early detection of potential issues

Gain the Upper Hand by Outsourcing COI processing to Ledger Financials Inc.

For over 5 years, we have provided our certificate of insurance processing services. We set exacting standards for ourselves when it comes to safeguarding the privacy & confidentiality of our client’s critical insurance data.


Our insurance professionals can customize services according to your business requirements, relieving your insurance agency of the time-consuming processing and issuance of your policyholders’ certificates of insurance.


Contact us to outsource your COI processing requirements to us, and save time for your core business activities, while experiencing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness we bring into the picture.

Why Should You Choose Our Database Data Entry Services?

Affordable Data Entry


We offer a flexible pricing structure where you will only pay for those services you leveraged. This helps us to provide quality database data entry services at highly affordable rates.

Data Security


We sign confidentiality agreements and have several data security policies in place which ensure that all your data is safe with us.

Quick Services


We have dedicated staff and we meet all timelines set by the client.

High Quality Data Entry


We are known in the industry to provide high-quality data entry services with an accuracy rate of over 99%.

Talented Team


We have a well-experienced team of data entry executives who are able to cater to all your database data entry needs.

Use of Latest Tools


We make use of some of the latest and updated versions of the best data entry tools and technologies while providing services to our clients.

Customized Solutions


We understand each and every business and their requirement and provide highly customized data entry solutions to suit their needs.

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and affordable database data entry service provider then you have come to the right place.

A Case Study on Ledger Financials Inc' Insurance Services

The Customer


A US-based Wrap Administrator – COI Tracking – Risk Management – Site Safety Liability Inspection company, which offers a host of risk-coverage services such as Business Insurance Risk Management Company, was looking for a vendor that could manage its insurance compliance efficiently at a cost-effective price.


The Challenge


Managing the customer’s insurance compliance required a high level of precision and skill. The LEDGER FINANCIALS INC team received live video training on the customer’s various insurance accounts, directly from the client. After two weeks of training, the project to manage the client’s insurance accounts was launched successfully.


The trained team established a mechanism to communicate with the client on a daily basis for guidance on managing the insurance accounts. Once LEDGER FINANCIALS INC’s team understood the process completely, the process was solely managed by LEDGER FINANCIALS INC’s team, with no additional guidance from the client. Though there were no targets, at an early stage LEDGER FINANCIALS INC ensured that every single insurance account of the customer was updated.

The Solution


At present, LEDGER FINANCIALS INC provides the following services to this client:


  • Certificate Management –  LEDGER FINANCIALS INC works on client’s portal to collect, update and upload current Certificates of Insurance.
  • Auditing – In-house auditing of each certificate to verify that all requirements are met.
  • Instant Requirement Validation – Immediate revision requests are generated when a Certificate of Insurance does not meet your requirements.
  • Renewal Tracking – Requests for renewal certificates prior to policy expirations.

The Results


Ledger Financials Inc provided high quality work for which it’s known for.


Ledger Financials Inc exceeded the volume per hour standard expected by the client – further bringing the cost for the client.


Whenever there was process change LEDGER FINANCIALS INC’s team adopted to changes immediately.


The client rewarded LEDGER FINANCIALS INC and its team by increasing the volume of work and doubling the Full Time Employees in a short span of time.